I’m back………..

Well, it has been over a year since my last posting on this blog. The old saying that “life happens” rings truer with every passing year and my last year has been very busy. New projects, a new job, and a teenage daughter with an interest in musical theater all combined to keep me too busy to write. Hopefully, things are calming down and I can begin to once again write for my blogs.


I can’t say right now just how often I will be posting, I am hoping for somewhere in the range of every 2-3 weeks, but keep your eyes open for upcoming posts on living history, interpretation, and public history.

Chuck H




3 comments on “I’m back………..

  1. Gavin Lenthall says:

    Read your article on The War of 1812 and Treaty of Ghent. As a British Army officer and hsitorian, I found it by far one of the most balanced and best pieces written south of the 49th Parrallel that I’ve read

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    • Chuck H. says:

      Thank you Sir! While all of us are subject to certain biases due to our national allegiances, I try to overcome mine as much as possible and make whatever I write as balanced as I possibly can. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and I hope you can find the time to come back to the blog occasionally and read some of my other posts.



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