Happy Anniversary to HRH Elizabeth II



Today, 9 September 2015, HRH Elizabeth II becomes England’s longest reigning monarch, surpassing the record of 63 years, 7 months and 2 days set by her great, great, grandmother Queen Victoria.

A few interesting facts about the two Queens.

  • A member of the German House of Hanover, VICTORIA, who stood 4ft 11in (1.5 metres), was the last of the Hanoverian monarchs. She had nine children- four of whom became sovereigns or married sovereigns.
  • ELIZABETH, who is 5ft 4ins (1.6 metres), is a descendant of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, which was renamed the House of Windsor during World War One. Elizabeth and Prince Philip have four children.
  • Some 400,000 people gathered in London for VICTORIA’s coronation.
  • An estimated 27 million people in Britain watched ELIZABETH’s coronation on TV and 11 million listened on the radio.
  • VICTORIA married Prince Albert on 10 February 1840 aged 21. They were married for 20 years, before he died in December 1861.
  • ELIZABETH married the Duke of Edinburgh on 20 November 1947, also aged 21. They have been married for nearly 68 years.  She is the first reigning British monarch to celebrate a diamond wedding anniversary.
  • When VICTORIA assumed the throne in 1837 – the population of England, Scotland and Wales was 16 million. She died on 22 January, 1901, when there were 32.5 million people living in England and Wales.
  • ELIZABETH took the throne in 1952 with the UK population at 50 million. At her Diamond Jubilee, in 2012, it had increased to 63.2 million.
  • VICTORIA oversaw an empire, measuring a quarter of the globe, and some 400 million people.
  • ELIZABETH is head of state of the UK and 15 Commonwealth realms, with a combined population of about 139 million.
  • VICTORIA’s reign included 10 UK prime ministers. She outlived all but two.  William Gladstone was prime minister on no less than four occasions during her monarchy.
  • ELIZABETH has overseen 12 prime ministers. Margaret Thatcher was the longest-serving – for more than 11 years.
  • Both queens were shot at by a lone gunman while out riding near Buckingham Palace.
  • ELIZABETH loves the private royal estate at Balmoral in Scotland, which was bought by VICTORIA.

(Information courtesy of the BBC)

Let’s all give three Hazzahs for HRH Elizabeth II



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