Cricket in the Air?

Georgian Era Stoolball

Here’s a brainteaser for my readers and especially for those who reenact during the Georgian Era.  What game, dating back to at least the 15th century, do some researchers credit as a possible origin for Cricket, Rounders and Baseball?  I’ll give you a couple more clues.  In the early periods, it was often associated with Easter time.  It also would be a great game for demonstrating at a living history event, and even involving the public, since both men and women played it.  Give up?  Well, the answer is Stoolball!  Never heard of Stoolball?  Well, it is not a game involving cow patties but you can read on to learn about this historic game that is still played today.

Stoolball’s origins

Stoolball is one of the best-documented of the early ballgames, with more than sixty possible references to its play between 1086 and 1861. Continue reading